Virtual Care is One of the Fastest
Growing Markets in Healthcare
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Telemedicine Integrates Multiple
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Virtual Care is One of the Fastest
Growing Markets in Healthcare
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What started as a Healthcare Moonshot.

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How VirtualCare defied the odds.

The increased use of telehealth to deliver services is here to stay. Starting in the spring of 2020, many healthcare providers quickly began upscaling their telehealth options in response to ongoing lockdowns, sheltering in place, reduced medical services, and public anxiety around visiting doctor’s offices and hospitals in general.

Telemedicine Increased Across All Age Groups — Some More Than Others

The use of telemedicine increased significantly across all age groups. The biggest increases were found in newborns to 17-year-olds and those over 65 at a whopping 2,166% and 2,004% increases, respectively. The gains in those two groups seem to make sense: The very young and the older populations — or their caregivers — of course, were more likely to turn to telehealth during the worst of the pandemic.

Telemedicine Usage – Top Two Reasons for Visits by Year

In 2020, mental health overshadowed all other reasons for telehealth care and far surpassed the No. 1 reason in 2019 (respiratory problems). Mental health visits in 2020 made up just over 44% of all telemedicine encounters in 2020, compared with just over 16% the year before. The second most-common reason was because of “symptoms, signs, and abnormal clinical laboratory findings not elsewhere classified,” at just over 11%.

Telehealth: An Increasing Share of Health Costs In 2020

Data show a significant increase in telemedicine cost both per encounter and per member per month (PMPM) in 2020. The most likely reason was a raft of changes to federal and state laws and regulations that affect telehealth. One major shift was allowing telehealth reimbursement to be on par with in-office doctor visits. While the amount spent varied depending on the major disease category being treated.

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