How We Solve

Our off-the-shelf features including Telemedicine (synchronous/asynchronous virtual visits), secure messaging, Schedule and Notifications Systems, Patient Engagement Tools and the ePiphany Electronic Medical Records (EMR), is demoed, conceptualized and setup to fit your existing process flows.

Our Implementation Methodology

Our proven solution methodology is designed to take you from Concept to Implementation.


Below is a brief overview of what the Cadence on-boarding process looks like. This process is estimated to take 30 days, but can shorten or extend depending on response time.

The official start to your on-boarding experience is during the introductory/kick off call with your Account Executive and the Implementation team. You will have a better understanding about their roles and how they contribute to your on-boarding experience.

After the introductory call, your assigned Project Manager will reach out via email to obtain some basic configuration information (# of providers, # of affiliated facilities, business rules, states to cover, etc.) Simply send the information back to them to move to phase three.

Once your your Project Manager has received the info they need, they will setup the business and technical requirements zoom meets, and a document of our mutual understanding is sent for review and approval.

After the Requirements have been signed, our development team will configure and deploy your White Label, HIPAA Compliant instance of the Cadence Platfrom. Your Client Manager will provide you with access to the platform, and we will setup all user's permissions.

This is where things get fun! Together we guide your Admins in the initial loading up your templates, your marketing materials, finetune your operational workflows and care coordination pathways. We schedule all user trainings and provide you with the guides you will need to manage the system.

All user, admin and basic support functionalities are reviewed with your internal team, training sessions are hosted and recorded for all users roles of your company, mock patients consults are conducted, and the system is officially ready to be scheduled for your Go Live date. All training videos and guides will be provided to you.

Once all users are trained you are ready go live, your Project and Implementation managers will introduce you to your customer Success Manager who will be handling your account from here, and will help you coordinate with our support team, the Care Coordination team, and one of the Marketplace representatives.

This is the part of the on-boarding process which takes the most time (and why we allot 30 days for the on-boarding process). This process can shorten or extend depending on metrics and KPI's ensuring that your are happy with your deployment. Additional training is always available.