Our Solutions

Building Bridges and Expanding Reach to Bring Access to Care

Our Pre-Configured Use-Cases

Driven by rapidly growing demands, our pre-configured solutions are designed by our deep knowledge of the Healthcare Environment & Our Clinical DNA


Give your healthcare consumers the Care They Need When and Where They Need It. Our solution is designed to connect patients and clinicians on video seamlessly without the wait.

Managed Care

Learn how Cadence Health solutions can create integrated delivery systems for all your members, where care is delivered through a Virtual setting using all alternative models such as MCOs, MSOs, & ACOs.

Post-Acute Care

Responsive Telemedicine and Telehealth Solutions for your residents, their families and your community partners in a variety of locations(IPRs, SNFs, ALFs, and ILFs).

Private practices

Reduce patient attrition and promote engagement by providing the most advanced Virtual Care experience to your patients via Cadence Health. Your branding, your workflows, your platform.

Direct Primary Care

Take advantage of this innovative alternative payment model improving access to high functioning healthcare with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee. No fee-for-service payments.

Specialty Pharmacy

We provide better health care buying experiences for companies seeking a scalable direct to consumer based Virtual Care platform to offer advanced FDA approved medical devices and treatments.

Chronic Conditions Management

Our CCM Program is designed to reduce RTA and monitor long after. Our Virtual Care platform provides follow ups, assessments plans, Alarm notifications, Rx reconciliation in an Care coordination model.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Cadence unique solution around remote patient monitoring is beneficial for everyone. Passive when possible, and active when necessary, promoting fewer hospital re-admissions and shorter hospital stays.

Behavioral Health

Improve outcomes within your behavioral/substance abuse programs with our research-tested Behavioral Health Screening tools. These tools are designed to formulate the best individualized treatment plan.

Medical Tourism

Provide world-wide continuity of care and promote connectedness between patients and healthcare providers inbound and outbound. Offer pre/post care to aid reducing readmission at home.

Correctional Telemedicine

Our virtual Care Program uses all the tools needed to support Cost Containment and Risk Management. Pair with quality health care programs that are customized to meet their administrative structures.

Wound Care

Bring access to care and expand your WC offering by implementing our Virtual Wound Care solution. Designed to evaluate, document and share Wound Photos and Assessments and upload to the EMR.


Virtua First focuses on providing the best specialists nationwide for an easy and affordable supplement to full-time physician staff. We will create a customized VirtualCare program using your existing processes.

Clinical Network

VirtuaFirst provides clinical support services, exclusively on the Cadence Platform. We employ clinicians that are single and multi-state licensed and credentialed to work across the country.

Medicinal Cannabis

Offer On-demand access or medical marijuana certification and medical staff to make the registration process effortless, bridging the gap between convenience and compliance.

Lifestyle Therapies

Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based approach shown to prevent and treat disease. Cadence Platform has specific use cases for both Men and Women's health.